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Tripfez Travel offers Muslim-friendly travel products to consumer and business clients, including Muslim-friendly group tours, Umrah, Individual Journeys and Corporate Travel.

Investing For




RM 10,000

Min 6 months

Artius strives to build a living legacy that relentlessly achieves a higher holistic standard of dental health for all people, now and in the future.


Investing For


Orthodontics treatment

RM 7,000

6 to 12 months

Zenyum aims to spread smiles across Asia through our Invisible Aligner treatment that combines in-person consultations by top dentists with online monitoring, an effective and affordable way to achieve your ideal smile. 



Investing For

RM 5,000

3 to 6 months

Invisible braces

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The Health Savings Booster Programme

Wahed in collaboration with Access Health international brings a meaningful dimension to
your health related financial goals. 

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Things I need to know about the Programme

I am not a Wahed investor, how can I qualify for these perks and benefits?
This programme is open only to Wahed investors. You can claim these offerings when you sign up and satisfy the qualification and eligibility criteria as listed in the Terms and Conditions. 

I have an existing funded portfolio, do I have to open a new portfolio ?
Yes, you are required to open a new dedicated portfolio specifically to qualify for our partner's offerings. Please note that the funding target and period may vary between the different offerings.

What happens when I do not reach the funding target within the set period?
You will not be eligible to claim the perks and benefits you've signed up for. You will need to restart the programme by signing up. You can continue to use the same dedicated portfolio to reach the remaining funding target but within the renewed funding period. 

As an example:

- Ali signs up to Tripfez to invest to achieve his goal for umrah. 

- Ali opens up a new portfolio named 'Tripfez' and sets funding target to RM 10,000 to be reached within 12 months. 

- On the 12th month, Ali only managed to invest up to RM 8,000. 

- Ali is not eligible to claim the reward. 

- Ali signs up for Tripfez's perks and benefits again to reach his target.

- Ali continues invest from his RM 8,000 towards RM 10,000 by using the same portfolio but the funding target must be reached at least within 6 months. 





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